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10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World

The expense of a watch is frequently what draws watch collectors. The luxury watch has become a reliable investment, much like gold or exceptional artwork, as billionaire fortunes rise at a rapid rate. Because of this, many scarce watches command exorbitant prices. So, without further wait, let's take a quick look at some of the most expensive wrist watches in the world.

An appreciation for the craftsmanship and history of each clock, as well as a passion for the science of horology, can be used to describe the collecting behavior of those who collect the most expensive watches. These collectors are frequently drawn to timepieces with rare materials, intricate complexities, and distinctive designs or backstories.

This is partially due to the fact that they have to think about how much money they are willing to spend on a watch. Expensive watch collecting is regarded as a sign of exclusivity and luxury, and many collectors see their collections as both a pastime and an investment. Getting a pricey and rare watch is exciting for many collectors, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination – $55 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
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A totally unique and one-of-a-kind watch, the Graff Diamonds Hallucination is renowned for its kaleidoscope of expensive colored diamonds. A very spectacular and mesmerizing masterpiece, the watch has a bracelet encrusted with over 110 carats of rare and vibrant diamonds, including yellow, pink, green, blue, and orange diamonds. Additionally, the watch face is set with a variety of colored diamonds that are arranged in a complex and gorgeous pattern.

The Graff Diamonds Hallucination is a genuine work of jewelry art that displays the brand’s proficiency in finding and choosing the rarest and most priceless diamonds on the planet. Even the most discriminating collectors and aficionados of fine jewelry and watches will be impressed by this highly prized and rare timepiece, which epitomizes elegance and flair.

2. Graff Diamonds The Fascination – $40 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: forbes

The Diamonds of Graff The Fascination is a ring and convertible timepiece renowned for its spectacular beauty and extraordinary price. The face of the watch is encrusted with over 150 diamonds, including a rare and perfect 38-carat diamond, and it has a detachable diamond that may be worn as a ring.

The watch also has a special mechanism that enables the owner to remove the diamond from the timepiece and wear it as a ring, making it a really opulent and flexible item of jewelry. A real masterpiece of jewelry and watchmaking, The Graff Diamonds The Fascination exemplifies the brand’s mastery of both disciplines. Anyone who appreciates beauty will be impressed by this highly valuable and sought-after timepiece.

3. Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette – $30 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: forbes

Collectors and watch connoisseurs greatly prize the Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette because of its unique past. This watch was ordered by a Marie Antoinette admirer, who asked Abraham-Louis Breguet to design it in a way that reflected the beauty and sophistication of the queen.

The watch, which Breguet labored on for more than 40 years but was never finished during his lifetime, was eventually finished by his son. The watch is made of gold and other precious materials and has a number of complexities, such as a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and thermometer. In addition to being a stunning and intricate watch, the Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette is a representation of the skill and artistry of the 18th century.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette – $26 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
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Collectors and lovers of fine jewelry like the timeless beauty of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette bracelet watch. The watch has a small mechanical movement that is barely 14mm long and 4.8mm broad, along with a delicate platinum band that is encrusted with over 400 diamonds.

This movement is made by hand with amazing precision and attention to detail, and it has 98 small components. The watch also has a mother-of-pearl dial with diamond hour markings, which results in an elegant yet subtle aesthetic impression. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette is a real masterpiece of jewelry and watchmaking that exemplifies the company’s skill in both industries.

5. Chopard 201-Carat Watch – $25 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: costlywatches

Featuring an astounding 201 carats of diamonds and jewels, the Chopard 201-Carat Watch is a magnificent design. Three heart-shaped diamonds totaling a combined 15 carats in pink, 12 carats in blue, and 11 carats in white make up the watch. A variety of colored diamonds and other jewels, including amethysts, sapphires, and tsavorites, are set around these diamonds.

The watch’s dial is comprised of a single big diamond that has been carved into the shape of a flower. The Chopard 201-Carat Watch is a remarkable piece of art that displays the company’s prowess in creating jewelry and dedication to employing only the best components. It is a very expensive and sought-after clock that is guaranteed to wow any fine jewelry collector or connoisseur.

6. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 in Stainless Steel-$11 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: italianwatchspotter

A timeless and collectible watch, it is highly sought after by collectors all over the globe. This watch is exceedingly rare and expensive since it is one of just four stainless steel watches that are known to exist. As the original perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch, the Ref. 1518 is still regarded as one of Patek Philippe‘s most recognizable and adored creations.

The watch is driven by a manual-winding movement that is expertly built and polished to the finest standards. It has a lovely silver dial with gold Arabic numerals and hands. A perfect representation of elegance, exclusivity, and technical brilliance is the Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 in Stainless Steel.

7. Hublot Big Bang Diamond-$5 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: chrono24

Boasting an astounding 1282 diamonds totaling over 100 carats, it is a timepiece that genuinely sparkles and dazzles. The watch’s 18k white gold case, strap, and dial are all encrusted with diamonds, producing a stunning aesthetic impression that is opulent and striking. The watch also has a number of amazing technological characteristics, such as a self-winding chronograph movement and a 42-hour power reserve.

The Hublot Big Bang Diamond is an outstanding example of both the technical talent and knowledge needed to produce a timepiece of this intricacy and elegance. It is also a real monument to the art of jewelry-making. It is a highly sought-after and expensive timepiece that is sure to amaze any watch lover or collector.

8. Louis Moinet Meteoris – $4.6 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: celebremagazine

A actual fragment of a meteorite is incorporated into the design of the Louis Moinet Meteoris, a very special and expensive timepiece. The watch is one of a collection of four limited edition watches, each of which has a unique variety of meteorites. The Dhofar 459 Lunar meteorite, which is thought to be about 4.5 billion years old, is featured in The Meteoris.

The meteorite is used in the watch’s dial, which is fashioned from a piece of the meteorite that has been polished and treated to produce an amazing aesthetic impression. The watch is a great achievement of engineering and beauty because it also incorporates a tourbillon and a moon phase display.

9. Breguet Grande Complication Ref. 1160- $3.6 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: professionalwatches

A real masterpiece of watchmaking, the combines intricacy and elegance in its design. Impressive mechanisms on this watch include a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and moon phase display. Over 800 different parts make up the movement, each of which is incredibly precise and meticulously crafted.

The watch’s overall beauty and sophistication are enhanced by the use of opulent 18k white gold for the case and band. One of the most sought-after and expensive timepieces in the world, the Breguet Grande Complication Ref. 1160 is a real testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation and perfection in watchmaking.

10. Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Oyster Albino-$3 million

10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World
Image Source: forbes

A classic antique watch is in high demand among collectors. Since there are only four of these watches known to exist, it is a very uncommon and expensive timepiece. The white display and silver subdials of the Oyster Albino stand out sharply against the chronograph’s black case, giving the watch its name.

It is regarded as one of the most exquisite and gorgeous watches Rolex has ever produced. The watch was created in the 1970s, and its historical relevance and scarcity have further increased its worth. With a $3 million price tag, it is a genuine work of watchmaking art and an extremely sought-after object for discerning collectors.


Each of these watches is a unique, extraordinary creation and the most expensive wrist watches that represent the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship in the world of horology. From their rare materials and stunning designs to their fascinating histories and impressive complications, these watches are truly a testament to the art of watchmaking. Here we conclude our post on the most expensive wrist watches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the No 1 watch brand in the world?

Rolex. Rolex is the only watch company that everyone is familiar with.

What is the most expensive wrist watch brand in the world?

Graff Diamonds – Hallucination- $55 million

What is the king of all watches? 

Given that Rolex is the real king of watches, the five-pronged crown that serves as its logo couldn’t be more appropriate. Ask everyone who is the best luxury watch brand, and they will always give you the same response: Rolex. This brand is well-known across the world and is a symbol of quality.

Which is the most expensive watch brand in India?

Titan Neo IV- One of the top watch brands in India is Titan. Since it is a Tata venture, the goods are unquestionably the best on the market.

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