Explanation of the Root of the Problem Regarding BRIN Researchers Threatening Muhammadiyah

Residents to Make a RowThe social media world has recently been shocked by comments involving death threats made by National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) researcher Andi Pangerang (AP) Hasanuddin towards the slot88 resmi Muhammadiyah congregation. This comment resulted in a long report to the police.

This commotion started when AP Hasanuddin responded to a Facebook post by Thomas Djamaluddin, who is also a researcher at BRIN. Initially, Thomas said that Muhammadiyah had not complied with the government’s decision regarding the initial determination of Shawwal 1444 Hijriah. Then, Thomas also touched on the request of the Muhammadiyah congregation to be able to obtain Eid prayer facilities this year.

Decision of Goverment

“Yes, I have disobeyed the government’s decision, but I’m still asking for a place to facilitate Id prayers. The government has also provided facilities,” wrote Thomas. AP Hasanuddin immediately responded to Thomas’s writing head-on. He directly made comments containing death threats to the Muhammadiyah congregation.

“Do I need to justify the blood of all Muhammadiyah? Especially Muhammadiyah which has been infiltrated by Hizbut Tahrir through the agenda of the global Islamic calendar from Gema Liberation? That’s a lot of gossip!!! Here, I’ll kill you one by one. Please report my comments with threats of murder! I’m ready “I’m tired of seeing your fighting,” said Andi.

Instantly, the comment went viral. BRIN’s internal work moves quickly. This research institute immediately checked AP Hasanuddin’s status, whether he was ASN or not. If proven to be a BRIN ASN, the ASN Ethics Council will follow up on this case. “In accordance with applicable regulations, BRIN will process it through the ASN Ethics Council, and after that it can proceed to the Civil Servant Disciplinary Punishment Council in accordance with PP 94/2021,” said BRIN in its official release. On the other hand, the Cyber ​​Crime Directorate, Bareskrim Polri, is also profiling AP Hasanuddin. “We found this statement from the results of cyber patrols and we are currently profiling this statement for follow-up,” said Vivid when contacted,

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